Online Courses

Gifted and Talented  Connections currently offers online and (where appropriate) in person individual and group instruction to the parents of PK-young adults individuals as well as to children, teens and young adults themselves.  Our packages include:

personal coaching session


Group Coaching

Invest in yourself and/or your children while you connect with others that understand via mastermind courses and group coaching.

Or, if you prefer a more private arrangement, we also provide life coaching on an individual basis.

Both options feature the DISC/Personality core package. Add-ons include:


Discovery call: Complementary


Academic Advising

  • How to choose the right educational setting for your child.

  • Extracurricular settings that will provide the stimulation they need.

  • How to determine if your exceptionally bright child needs additional support in their educational setting.

  • Navigating over-excitabilities

  • Understanding social/emotional needs.

  • Developing a growth mindset

  • College and Career Planning -

Let us assist you in navigating the decision-making process.  We also offer test prep and assistance with FASFA basics.

Our Offers Include:

Core Program

  • DISC: Discover how you can help you make informed college, career, and relationship choices that are best aligned with your unique gifts, talents, and strengths. Two-session debrief: $119

($150 value)*



  • Vision Board Party: Ask for pricing

  • Academic Advising: $75 per hour



  • $450 for a 3-part coaching package (2-hour individual session)

  • $360 per person: 3-part (2-hour group session)

  • $ 562.50 for a 5-part coaching package (90-minute individual session)

  • $ 450 per person: 5-part (90-minute group session)

  • $ 750 for a 10-part coaching package (60-minute individual sessions)

  • $ 650 per person: 10-part (60-minute group session- minimum of 3 participants

*This service makes it easier to: determine which careers are a good fit for your personality type, communicate effectively with others, avoid confusion and costly mistakes, and breathe easy knowing you have made an excellent, affordable, well-vetted college and career decision.

**These packages include email access between sessions.