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College Prep Genius Boot Camp

College Prep Genius.png

Jean Burk of College Prep Genius is coming to Michigan!

WHEN: July 22nd 4-9pm & July 23rd 9am-5pm

(There will be multiple short breaks both days and a 30-minute break for lunch on Saturday.)

LOCATION: Creekside Christian Church, Rochester Hills, MI.

TO REGISTER and for more information: email your name, address, and phone number to: giftedandtalentedconnections@gmail.com.

$395 Class tuition. Includes bonus Fundamental eCourse. *
$295 Sibling tuition. Includes bonus Fundamental eCourse. *
$150 Alumni tuition. **
$50 Comprehensive Upgrade Booster

Pack which includes all of the eReaders, (6 Vocab Cafe Series and High School Prep Genius and 15 Secrets to Free College) if purchased after the Early Bird offer ($117 value) ***


*All ecourses include the SAT Essay Template eReader, Complete Homework Guide and Journal for Success PDF downloads.

**Previous College Prep Genius Boot Camp students (only for students who have attended a live boot camp class within the past 12 months).

***Students who register for the boot camp during the Early Bird Offer period (first 10 to sign up by May 15th) will receive the Comprehensive Upgrade Booster Pack for free. The Comprehensive upgrade includes all of the eReaders and downloads in the Fundamental eCourse, plus High School Prep Genius guidebook (eReader), 15 Secrets to Free College (eReader), and the Vocab Cafe series (eReaders).

Class tuition is non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by College Prep Genius. This is generally due to the minimum number of students not being met.

The College Prep Genius "Boot Camp" is a rigorous two-day course designed to teach students techniques necessary to become successful at taking the SAT, ACT, PSAT/NMSQT, CLT, and other standardized tests.


~The median college debt is around $100K per student, and usually takes up to 20 years to pay off.

~Most people don't know how to plan or research for college funding without considering the use of their retirement, savings, or home equity.

~Free college is available to students who have achieved high college test prep scores.

~Colleges are ranked nationally based on the standardized scoring system. The higher the score, the more money a student is able to receive.

~Being intelligent and having book smarts is not always good enough. Even smart students bomb standardized tests.

~Most students are not able to finish these tests on time because they only get about 1 minute per question.

~Students from 7th grade and above should consider taking this class. Early preparation allows students to strengthen the areas which are challenging to them.



~Unlike most test prep programs College Prep Genius does not teach memorization or simply reteach high school. Instead, College Prep Genius teaches relevant strategies and the logical recurring patterns found on standardized tests.


~The average College Prep Genius student raises their score 250 points on the SAT. Many have increased their SAT scores by as much as 700 points and ACT by 9 points. Many have become National Merit Scholars and have attended Ivy League schools for free!

**The College Prep Genius Boot Camp will give students the tools they need to "ace the test" and get their hands on scholarship money.