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About Our Mission and Vision


Gifted and Talented Connections exists to provide social connections, emotional support, personal coaching, and academic advising for highly motivated individuals (regardless of where they are in their journey) via face-to-face/in person groups and online venues.


Our vision is to empower youth to thrive socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually through face-to-face and online connections.

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About Our Co-founders

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Laura knew there was something very different about her son when he was about two years of age.  He was solving puzzles of the United States and reading complete sentences!  When he was in kindergarten, Laura and her husband were presented with the possibility of him skipping a grade but they decided not to pursue this due to his smaller stature and his social/emotional age - asyncronous development.  When her son was in third grade, she talked with a friend who is a counselor.  Her friend gave a recommendation for a counselor who offered testing.  Shortly thereafter, her son was tested and identified as “highly gifted.” Laura was advised to find a support group for parents of gifted children but, after an extensive search, found no “face to face” groups available in her area. 


During her long and frustrating research and search for support for her son and herself, Laura reconnected with Sharri (a friend from her teen years) and was thrilled to discover that she was farther along the journey of raising gifted children.  As they compared notes, they found that gifted resources in the area were very limited. After reviewing their educational and experiential backgrounds, Laura and Sharri decided it was time for them to fill that need.  It was then that they formed the Michigan Association for Gifted Children - Macomb/Oakland Chapter (2018-2020) and Gifted and Talented Connections (2020-present).

Laura received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, became a Certified Advanced Life Coach through Light University, and is a certified Life Coach through the Maxwell Leadership Group.


Sharri McGarry received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a graduate certificate in Addiction Studies. Her undergrad work included Psychology and Family & Child Development with a minor in Sociology/Criminology. Sharri worked as a Clinic Specialist in an orthopaedic trauma clinic and served as Assistant to the Chief of Orthopaedics at the DMC while also developing a psychology practice at New Life Clinics.

In 1993 Sharri underwent an experimental kidney/pancreas transplant and in 1994 married her husband, Bill. Their first son was born in 1997 and according to the National Transplant Pregnancy Registry (NTPR) was the first baby born to a double-organ transplant recipient in Michigan and the first nationwide to be born full-term. Their second son was born in 2000 was also an early entrant in the NTPR.

Sharri retired from her therapy practice and orthopaedic position to homeschool her two sons from preschool through high school graduation. She then took classes to achieve advanced certification as a life coach and additional certifications in Suicide PAIR and Trauma Care. Sharri now works as a life and academic coach, serving students preschool through med school. She is a certified coach, speaker, and DISC trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Group and is a coach with Positive You. Sharri enjoys spending time with her husband, sons (when they are in town), parents, and puppy, Rowdy.